Question by  sajanjiv (85)

What are good scavenger hunt clues?

I want to send my girlfriend on a scavenger hunt to propose to her.


Answer by  sc1234 (1319)

Here are a couple of good scavenger hunt clues that may help you out: 1. "The place where we first met" 2. "Your favorite restaurant" 3. "The place where we fist kissed"


Answer by  HilaryC (1382)

Try to pick places that mean something to both of you. If you have an inside joke to do with something in your home or place, make a reference to the joke to guess the place. Give descriptions of movies or books she likes and hide the clues in there.


Answer by  Petalmaker1 (263)

Arrange scavenger hunt with written clues. Lead her to a pot plant for example, then to the dining-room table and finally, to the engagement ring popped into a champagne glass.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

Well for this you will want it to be personal and romantic. You can make arrangements with places that you took her on your major dates to give her a clue. They should reference what exactly happened as well as something related to the place. Make sure there is a way she can tell it is a clue for her.

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