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Question by  supercharli85 (51)

What do you feed a baby blue jay?

I found a baby blue jay and need to know what to feed it.


Answer by  Huntress (1935)

Contact your nearest wildlife rehabilitation center. Call the Humane Society to get some referral phone numbers. You should not attempt feed or handle the bird on your own.


Answer by  JennyWren (53)

If the parent birds do not come back for several hours, and you can't find the nest, call a veterinarian and ask for the number of a wildlife rehabilitator (for help or advice). Meanwhile, you can soak dog food in bottled water, and feed little bits to the bird.


Answer by  TheGrandWazoo (121)

If you took it away from its mother you made a big mistake. Mash soaked dry dog food with hard boiled eggs and make a paste.


Answer by  BriggyGal (153)

Most birds eat regurgitated food (such as worms) from their mothers. Be very careful that your baby blue jay is healthy and is free of parasites by taking him to a vet or a wildlife rescue center; they would know how to feed and take care of him better than someone on the internet could tell you.

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