Question by  Youmisspelledplease (26)

What do worms mean in a dream?

I dream about worms frequently.


Answer by  gold (93)

I think it's what the worm symbolizes in the dream that matters. Worms live in and eat dirt. Maybe you feel oppressed at home or work. Like you're being held down or buried. If you dream of many worms it's like letting the worms out of the can. Maybe you feel helpless.


Answer by  sinrez (63)

Worms can symbolize renewal or restoration; or they can also symbolize a need to look into your subconcious to find hidden desires or needs that need to be brought to light.


Answer by  kevin2009 (36)

There are different types of worms. Each worm in your dream signifies something. But in general if you dream about worms,it means you may fall sick or have a small fight with your spouse. It may also signify that something is eating away your valuable time. Basically it reflects on the negative aspects of your life.

posted by Anonymous
I definitely agree that it is parasitic in nature and should be avoided or approached cautiously knowing that some people just come around to get whatever they can get from you, not intending to leave or contribute anything to your life. Avoid the worms!  add a comment

Answer by  Karen54 (971)

Worms can signify that your life or a particular situation you are in are like a "can of worms". You may have many decisions to make and the worms are like all the different options. By writing down the problems and some possible solutions before bed, you might be able to eliminate the "worms" from taking over your dreams.


Answer by  Clement (1453)

While worms usually signify illness, insurance, or intrigues, lots of worms may also represent a complex situation you might be finding yourself ("can of worms"). If worms are turning into something nice in your dream, then they should be seen as a potential for a new development.

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