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Question by  rhondabfox (18)

What do satellites look like in the sky?


Answer by  Crystalb (163)

They look like tiny moving stars. You can see many of them with a good telescope. They may also look like airplanes, but they will appear to be much further in the sky.


Answer by  mnielsen01 (360)

Satellites in the sky look like stars. They are bright like stars and move around like stars. Many times if you see one, you think its a plane, or sometimes UFOs.


Answer by  stymeg17 (6)

little stars in the sky if u ever see 1 u couldnt belive ur eyes x


Answer by  stymeg17 (6)

they look like little shotting stars in the sky. there look fab. =) it so cool if u have ever see 1 u would belive ur eyes.


Answer by  Izhy (45)

Umm, actually i never saw satellites directly, but i had a dream to be able to see satellites in about 5-8 meters far away from me. If you asked, then i will try to answer your question. When i was searching a satellites picture on the internet, it looks like "satellite", but you can't barely see satellites from the earth.

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