Question by  mwalker (26)

What do kittens eat when they are 3 weeks old?


Answer by  Wallybingus (176)

They don't eat yet. They suckle. They are too young to be weaned and would be drinking their mother's milk. If they are orphaned, they would have to be bottle-fed. Kitten "formula" can be purchased at vet and pet stores.


Answer by  roger (199)

Usually kittens start eating small bugs and cockroaches when they could catch them with their paws. Some of mine were even interested in eating mice. Better be sure that the food is neat nd without contamination.


Answer by  JoetteB (62)

Kittens this age are way too young for solid food. The best choice is goat's milk, but if that's not available you can use a kitten formula, which is readily available at larger pet stores.


Answer by  jesmeg32 (48)

Three week old kittens need their mothers milk. They can not eat dry food. If the mother is not avaliable you can purchase formula from your local pet store. Do not feed them cows milk. They can not digest it and it does not have the nutrients they need.

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