Question by  LES (14)

What do I do if there is something stuck in my shower drain?


Answer by  cosmicmama (23)

I would first take a long wire, or a drain snake if I have it, and try to get to the clog and pull it out myself. Shower drain clogs are usually hair. If I can't reach it, or I can't get it out, I would try a drain cleaner such as Draino. If all else fails, call Roto Rooter.


Answer by  jaki (117)

First thing I would do is to go buy some drano, and follow the directions. If that didn't work they sell something at the hardwear store call a snake. That should work.


Answer by  SubhashChander (1773)

If something odd is struck in the shower drain, then take an ordinary plastic pipe of large size and put the same into the shower drain from the one side and by putting forth the plastic pipe through the other side of the drain, the plastic pipe would come out and so also the odd material that was stuck up.


Answer by  Derbyboo (442)

Remove shower stop. Use your gloved hand to remove the objects/hair if possible. Run water, and if it drains, replace stop. For deeper blockage, use drain snake to clear pipe.


Answer by  MelindaS (1694)

Depending on how bad the clog is, you could try some type of liquid drain cleaner, like Liquid Plumber. You might also be able to use a simple solution of baking soda and vinegar to unstop the drain. Put baking soda over and around the drain, and then slowly pour in some baking soda. Otherwise, call the plumber.

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