Question by  sarah221 (12)

What could cause a rapid heartbeat in dogs?

My dog has a very rapid heartbeat.


Answer by  Badgzara (95)

If you notice that your dog has an abnormal rapid heart beat consult a vet as soon as possible. However, since there are many reasons... one reason could be food. Depending on what your dog has had access too. One food that people generally don't realize is deadly is chocolate. Chocolate can cause seizures, rapid heartbeat and even death.


Answer by  salina (943)

Not med. advice: depending on the size of your dog small with the range of 120 to 160 BPM and larger dogs 30lbs and over 60-120 BPM.


Answer by  meriba (103)

A rapid heartbeat in your dog could be the result of something he ate (such as something containing caffiene). It is recommnded that you take your dog to the vet as soon as possible, especially is he is suffering from any other symptoms.

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