Question by  Arshkabarf (14)

What could be the cause of yellow spots on a plasma?

I have yellow spots on my plasma.


Answer by  tvgrl (14)

Plasma televisions are sensitive to sunlight, or the spots could be attributed to 'screen burn'. Try moving your TV to a shady spot in the room. To fix combat screen burn, leave an all-white screen on your TV for a minimum of 2 hours--it may lessen the damage.


Answer by  satdeepa (39)

The causes of getting yellow color on plasma is there may be there a leak in the picture compartment, or some liquid may have been entered into TV while cleaning.


Answer by  mediajunkie (592)

It would usually be due to excessive heat in those areas, but also due to the aging of the plasma. Plasma TVs do not retain their quality beyond 5 years.


Answer by  DackThrombosis (1093)

A friend of mine went out and spent a ton of money on a plasma screen television. Boy, was he bragging about it! Then he noticed yellow spots on the screen. Turns out that the set got jostled and some liquid leaked into a crack in the picture compartment. He should have bought an old set or an LCD.


Answer by  garymarkle (599)

you will get yellow spots on your screen if you have a leak in the picture compartment, this is a common problem with plazma tvs.


Answer by  KRobinson (96)

it could mean you have a small leak within the picture itself, which plasma Tv's are notorious for and why I recommend LCD over plasma any day


Answer by  vimalmay15 (122)

The yellow spots may occur, if some one have touched the TV very hard or some liquid may have entered in to the TV. This may even cause the TV to spoil the real quality.

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