Question by  Squeakyface (17)

What could be causing me to have headaches with eye twitching?


Answer by  babilot (158)

Anxiety is most likely a big cause to your headaches and eye twitching. Many times stress due to illness, family death, or medication can cause your body to shut down and feel pain. Headaches especially occur when anxiety sets in course. I would suggest getting a good night's sleep and proper weekly exercise.


Answer by  shaukat (92)

There could be few reasons, 1) due to acidity, heat in your body which needs to be neutralised, 2) due to eating disorder which clough the digestive systems and causes slow down and produces gases which cause the headache and even can cause fever, and eye twitching, 3) could be for eye sight problems which needs to be corrected


Answer by  Specificity (27)

I personally experienced these symptoms before I was diagnosed with migraine headaches. However I understand these may also be signs of cluster or tension headaches. I have a coworker who has similar problems due to occasional insomnia around the third night without sleep. Your vision may also need correction - get an eye exam. Or too much time on the computer.


Answer by  gummie (738)

Anybody who has needed glasses knows that one of the symptoms can be a headache. You should get your eyes tested by an eye doctor to see if this could be the cause. Also, if you work under f fluorescent lighting and do a lot of computer work, you could develop eyestrain which can cacause eye twitching.

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