Question by  Gunrunner (561)

What could be causing an itchy scalp with hair loss?


Answer by  mehul80 (136)

dandruff could be causing.Itching scalp and hair loss is the main reason for dandruff.dandruff only gives the problem like that.


Answer by  VanillaTwilight (281)

Try an apple cider vinegar rinse too. 2 Tablespoons ACV in 1c water. Pour over hair. Massage scalp for a minute or two. Rinse. Condition. Rinse. (No need to shampoo first unless your hair is VERY dirty). Do this 1x a week.

Reply by VanillaTwilight (281):
One more thing... STRESS causes hair loss. Putting your hair up in a pony tail all the time causes hair loss. And diet--if you\'re not getting enough good nutrition--causes hair loss. Hope this all helps as I suffered with this myself and did some big research! Now I\'m cured!  add a comment

Answer by  karthik (70)

I have read about a number of different home remedies such as using lemon juice or egg whites massaged into the scalp to stop hair loss and itchiness.


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

Dandruff and dermatitus could be the cause. You must get a shampoo to stop the dandruff because it is a fungus.


Answer by  VanillaTwilight (281)

Shampoos! Don't use shampoos with harsh surfactants like Sodium Lauryl or Laureth Sulfates (SLS). Instead try shampoos with cocamidopropyl betaine or cocobetaine, and don't shampoo EVERYtime you shower. I tried to add links regarding SLS's, but my post was blocked so do a web search for Naturally Curly for morehelp.


Answer by  shaukat (92)

Due to less intake of proper minerals and vitamin in diet, and lack of hair oil leads to dryness and itching


Answer by  Sauve (435)

Itchy dry scalp is sometimes caused by the hair products you use on your hair, The kind of food you eat and if you are on any medications, it dries out the scalp causing itches.


Answer by  candygal411 (10)

possibly dandruff or ( if you live in a place where the weather is cold)your scalp might be getting dried out. try using a dandruff control shamoo and conitioner.

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