Question by  AquaGemini (30)

What could be causing a white discharge that smells?

I don't have a fever.


Answer by  jancee (6)

It sounds like it could be a medical condition known as bacterial vaginosis. Often there is also itching, burning, and pain around the genital region. Antibiotics are available, although flare-ups often occur.


Answer by  timetravel (114)

First of all, where is the discharge coming from? A discharge that is white and smells coming from a wound is most likely caused by infection. A vaginal discharge that is white and smells is due almost always to a yeast or some other bacterial infection.


Answer by  krithickspecial (5)

Glands inside your vaginal and cervix make small amount of fluid which occurs each day.discharge is thicker and has bad smell when you ovulate or sexually excited or breast feeding.


Answer by  Joe80 (866)

Where is the discharge coming from? If you are male, and it is coming out of your genitals, it's possible that you have an abnormally high semen production.

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