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Question by  caskin02 (16)

What could be causing a rash in the mouth?

I have had this rash for a week.


Answer by  ellismiller (107)

It could be from over use of tobacco (leukoplakia) or ill-fitting dentures. Also, fungal infections such as Candidiasis can cause redness. Stress and allergies can cause sorenes including canker sores.


Answer by  denlynmac (6)

While not necessarily considered an allergic reaction it could be a reaction of medications taken together. Also if patient is taking an antibiotic for a viral infection it could be a result of the "infection" coming out. Ask your physician about a prescription for "magic mouthwash".


Answer by  mistika (121)

Rashes in the mouth are often called "thrush" and are caused by a fungus that thrives in warm, moist places. Visit your doctor for an oral rinse.


Answer by  jojoso (100)

Thrush is a form of a yeast infection in the mouth. It can be the result of taking certain meds.Most common in older people and young babies. It looks white in color on the sides of the mouth and the tonuge. You will need to have your doctor look at it it will not clear up on it's own.


Answer by  arthi (336)

rashes in mouth are due to severe ulcers. ulcer can be in stomach or intestine or in esophagus which makes the acidic contents to reflux which is also called esophagal reflux disorder due to low sphincter pressure please take pantoprazole 40mg tab for 1month and avoid spicy and oily food

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