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Question by  Benson (27)

What color will my ash tree be in autumn?


Answer by  treemom (334)

White ash trees, sometimes called autumn purple ash, will turn purple in autumn. Green ash trees turn yellow and lose leaves rapidly. Blue ash trees turn yellow. Red and black ash trees also turn yellow. Mountain ash trees, which are not true ashes, turn yellow also. The white ashes are the most colorful, with their purple leaves.


Answer by  sharu (17)

The color of the White ash trees in autumn is purple. Yellow is the color of the American mountain ash trees. The Green ash trees have golden fall colors.


Answer by  greggsamssa (32)

Depending on the ash tree species, autumn colors can differ. Most ash trees do not change their leave colors significantly, though. Brownish or reddish tones are most common.


Answer by  lizardgirl (15)

The Ash Tree, which have long, green leaves during the summer, turns purple during the Fall. It also produces green flowers, but no seedpods.


Answer by  rizwana (11)

My ash tree is normally white or green colored. In the season of autumn my ash tree will turn into Purple color.white ashes are most colorful with purple leaves.

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