Question by  elsewhen (627)

What color socks should I wear with a dark suit?

its extremely dark navy blue.


Answer by  adgordon3 (30)

If you have an extremely dark navy suit, the easy answer is to wear navy blue socks or even black since you probably couldn't tell the difference in socks. However, for someone who is more daring, I think it always looks sharp and well put together to match your socks to a color in your tie.


Answer by  Susan (179)

If your suit is dark navy blue then you need to wear socks that are dark navy blue also. With a blue suit you must get as close to the blue as possible or they will stick out like a sore thumb!


Answer by  kat43xxnetzerocom (29)

You can buy dark blue dress socks as well as black dress socks at any department store. Never wear light color socks, it will take away from your outfit and if you wear dark the color will flow a lot better.

Reply by elsewhen (627):
you will only see it occasionally, but the white socks with dark suit often looks really tacky... unless the person is wearing funky shoes with it, like converse high tops or some tennis shoes. you have to have a certain jje ne se qua to pull that off though.  add a comment
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