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Question by  Zoraida1015 (1)

What color should I paint the walls of my living room?

Furniture is off white, dark wood floor and dining room close by is dark and light green.


Answer by  BlindMag (161)

I think a nice light sage green would compliment the colors of the furniture and dark flooring nicely. You could then pair it up with darker wood accents throughout the room to tie the whole room together.


Answer by  Kinetic (47)

One thing you might consider is "faux" painting which involves sponging paint on the walls. You can smear it, or pat the paint on with a sea sponge. You will definitely need to practice in an inconspicuous area, but when applied with restraint, the technique can have a great effect.


Answer by  Abbie (282)

If the other room wasn't green, I would suggest a rich chocolate brown, and repaint the dining room a warm red. However, if you are unwilling to repaint the dining room, then you are best to go with a warm beige. Beige is always a perfect color because it compliments everything else.


Answer by  Anonymous

Purple or fuchsia! These are the new hot colors.


Answer by  Crystal35 (45)

I believe you should paint your living room a light red, a dusty rose maybe. This would highlight your floors and furniture. Plus, this would also compliment the colors in your dining room also.


Answer by  Samantha57 (391)

Choose a color (not white) that shows up against the off-white furniture, complements the green in your dining room, but is significantly lighter than the dark wood floor.


Answer by  kman (2)

I am thinking of my painting my living room Green with Red as the secondary color under the White trimming. Any suggestions on how that would look, with all netural colored furniture.

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