Question by  crazyxxme (108)

What causes white spots on your hands?

I am black.


Answer by  Caprica (125)

The most likely cause of this condition is a disorder called Vitiligo, in which the cells that determine skin color are killed or functioning abnormally.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

An allergy reaction or contact dermatitis can cause white spots. Warts can appear as white spots or eczma can be spotty and in that case only a doctor's prescription can clear it up.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

There can be several causes for the patches. A definate reason why they occur is unknown. Some causes are sunburn, physical illness and heredity. All you can do is carefully take care of your skin and use common sense.


Answer by  MITEA (34)

The spots are caused by destruction or weakening of melanocytes (pigment cells responsible for skin color) and is a direct result of loss or stop producing pigment. Many doctors and researchers believe that vitiligo is an autoimmune system disease. Vitiligo affects only the skin color. Texture and other qualities remain normal.

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