Question by  Smuglo (28)

What causes hemorrhaging behind the retina?


Answer by  ruth27 (56)

Retinal Haemorrhaging is caused by various health conditions or by trauma through a cranial accident creating tears and pressure to the retina resulting in bleeding. Health conditions however are significant with retinal bleeds such as, diabetes causing diabetic retinopathy, high blood pressure and most commonly among babies who have suffered a shaken trauma to the body and head.


Answer by  mike49 (373)

The main cause would be injury and disease. This could cause temporary or permanent loss of visual accuracy. Retinal hemorrhage is abnormal bleeding of the blood vessels in the retina which is the back of the eye.


Answer by  YellowCup (1650)

Hemorrhaging behind retina is normally caused by a blood vessel that has burst. A common cause for blood vessels to burst in the eye area is strain.


Answer by  shobasvk (79)

Injuries and forceful blows to the head during accidents and fall caused to hemorrhaging behind the retina. A child abused has been associated with retinal hemorrhage. It also can caused to premature born children when the blood vessels in the eye may not have had time to fully develop and and may become damaged easily,leaking or hemorrhaging.

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It is possible that babies (premature) now is 4 months could had hemorrhaging behind the retina then hemorrhaging in the brain if no one notice babie can recurr the hemorrahage only in the brain?  add a comment
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