Question by  sammy25 (26)

What causes flashes in your eye?

Is it dangerous?


Answer by  sanityrose (2664)

Eye flashes are common and often not dangerous. Eye gel sometimes gets dislodged onto the surface causing the flashes. However, these symptoms can sometimes be a sign of a medial problem when accompanied by other issues. For instance, flashing that's proceeded by a headache can be the aura part of a migraine or a sign of high blood pressure.


Answer by  xsut (943)

The human eye is filled with a gel like substance that makes sure the retina and other components of the eye can function properly. When this gel is disrupted one would see things that resemble flashes or streaks of light in the eye. This is also referred to as floaters, it is best to see an eye doctor for this.


Answer by  renee (354)

If you see flashes of light it could be dangerous, and you should seek medical attention. It is possible that the viterous is pulling away from the retina,and once the retina is torn you can end up with a retina detachment which will then require surgery. The surgeon can prevent you from permanently loseing your sight.


Answer by  KarenH (212)

Usually flashes in the eye are not dangerous. They may be caused by the vitreous which shrinks and tugs on the retina. Still it is worth seeing a doctor.

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