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Question by  Lu (78)

What causes athletes' foot?

My son got athletes foot recently.


Answer by  dazee (85)

Athlete's foot is a fungus. Fungus type infections are caused by and thrive in damp or moist places that are dark. Shared showers such as in school locker rooms is a perfect breeding ground for this type of fungal growth.


Answer by  Milette (1105)

It is caused by Tinea, a ringworm fungus. Tinea can be found on floors (especially when damp), in sweaty and moist socks and clothing, poorly ventilated shoes. The infection spreads by direct contact with contaminated surfaces or objects. Shared bathrooms (especially showers) are a favourite breeding ground for this type of fungus.


Answer by  cpbridges (65)

My husband went to the doctor and the doctor told him that he had athletes foot. He told him to buy some over the counter medicine that he can spray in his shoes every night. He said that sweat from shoes/socks makes it hang around. He no longer has it.


Answer by  kkl85 (46)

Athletes foot is caused by fungus found on gym locker floors, swimming pools and on socks and clothing. Athletes foot can be spread person to person or by contact with and affected item. This fungus needs warm and moist areas to thrive.

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