Question by  Crim858 (8)

What can you use to glue metal to metal?

I am trying to repair a patio chair.


Answer by  sakume (131)

I would assume that the best thing to use to glue metal on metal would be to use JB Weld or some other strong metal binding epoxy solution. You can get JB weld real cheap at Wal Mart, just put equal parts of the chemicals on some cardboard and mix them well, then apply and let stand to cure.


Answer by  seedtosalad (175)

A great product for repairing metal is called JB Weld and can be found in your local hardware store. Most 2 part epoxy products would work also.


Answer by  pugsley (12)

I have been trying to repair a metal railing and was very frustrated with is loosening up again quickly. I went to Home depot and found a substance called "cold weld"". Its two substances that you mix together to form a glue that is the color or metal weld. It worked great, I didn't even need screws in the railing.


Answer by  maverick32 (87)

To glue metal together you will need to try and create some sort of friction between the two pieces of metal. Try to use sandpaper to create a rough texture to the surfaces you are gluing together. Then your best bet would be epoxy glue which is a two part glue. Make sure to let dry fully before sitting on.


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

There are several products available. To actually glue with I would suggest Gorilla Glue. It will bond metal to metal and dries like an epoxy. Another option is JB weld it is a 2 part mixture designed specifically for metal bonding and filling.

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