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Question by  aggiegal (41)

What can you tell me about trimming expression tree nodes?

The nodes or leaves on my Expression tree needs to be trimmed, can you tell me how to start the process.


Answer by  SookiesHere (119)

lolol well AnnaS got it right. You can't trim an expression tree node... you've CAN collapse them though. You can research more by getting a manual on Linq and finding out more about the subject.

Reply by BlueEyes3b5 (121):
You could search microsoft help section for more information also. Ask your teacher or go to the library to learn more about writing code and the different terminology involved.  add a comment

Answer by  AnnaS (123)

Okay is this a trick question? lol Expression Tree Nodes and Parse Tree Nodes has to do with code, Linq, syntax and other elements of data structure :-)

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