Question by  johnrlenginesaolcom (12)

What can you tell me about the luxating patella surgery in dogs?

My dog needs luxating patella surgery.


Answer by  Booh (50)

You should have a choice as to the type of surgery done and they vary in cost and the key is finding out which surgery your vet has the best success rate with. For many dogs the simple suture repair works just as well as the super expensive TPLO procedure.


Answer by  Lottadogs (1258)

The type of surgery done depends in part on the weight of the dog. A less expensive suture loop works well for many dogs. The key thing is to make sure the vet doing the surgery has a good success rate for the type of surgery chosen.


Answer by  Molae06 (1467)

If the dog has a grade 2.5 or higher luxating patella, surgery is necessary. It is a costly surgery, but dogs with this condition suffer great pain without surgery. It is best to have the surgery performed before the dogs reach a high grade for luxating patella, because the chance of a full recovery go down with a grade 3.


Answer by  Kamalani (128)

Also called trick knee cap, it is due to misaligned knees, common in toy breeds. The kneecap or patella and its ligaments occassionally move out of position. The problem could be a weak patellar ligament or a patella groove that is too shallow.

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