Question by  yarm (13)

What can you tell me about Stress Coat Plus from PondCare?


Answer by  cookiebookie (145)

When a fish is stressed out by being handled, it loses essential electrolytes from its slime coating. Stres Coat Plus replaces the slime coating in order to keep the fish healthy and prevent it from catching diseases, while its system is poor. It ought to be used when setting up the aquarium, changing water, or adding fish.


Answer by  bill14 (308)

Stress coat plus is a product designed to remove harmful chemicals from fish water while also protecting fish through supplementing their protective coating.


Answer by  boxsofrain (207)

Stress Coat Plus from PondCare conditions the water that your wish smin in. Fish have a natural slime on their bodies. When they get stressed from the slime disappears. The stress coat will replace the slime on them. It is made from aloe vera, and it also conditions water the fish are in.


Answer by  danieljitaru (277)

Could you please advise us how Koi would respond if they were visited by a heron. Would they try to hide somewhere in the pond? Thank you for your response. add a comment


Answer by  malik (16)

One of my fishponds has tiny grey, pin-head sized parasites on the leaves. The other pond is unaffected. I can scarcely see them with the naked eyeSusan in downtown Phoenix. Likely these are aphids or white flies... can be the dickens to eradicate... If this was a very large pond, I would suggest setting your sprinklers to come

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