Question by  yzta (17)

What are the signs of autism in an 11 month old?

i am worried that my son may have autism.


Answer by  CarrieZee (189)

Parents who suspect autism should have their child check by a developmental pediatrician or psychologist. At this age, children should have social behaviors, such as showing or pointing to something.


Answer by  ekan46 (149)

Unable to move hands and legs. The child seems to be more silent than a normal child. In some cases the child is not able to cry and the movement of body is very less.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Eleven month old babies often do not exhibit signs of autism, however some will start a stim at this point and time, rocking, turning in circles, not talking and not making eye contact.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Autism is usually not detected or noticed until a child is about two years of age (more common in boys than girls though). In fact, children up until two who are diagnosed don't exhibit signs of autism but at around the age of two they do. Things to notice are lack of eye contact and get upset at noises.

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