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Question by  fancypants (25)

What can you tell me about Li'l Dog Rescue?

I am interested in getting involved.


Answer by  Ella22 (610)

Li'l Dog Rescues are in several different states. Ann Arbor Michigan's has been in operation for seven years. They shelter unwanted small dogs and find them a good home.


Answer by  cherylb (125)

Li'lDog Rescue has been in operation since 2002. It fosters dogs who are in need of loving, responsible homes.Li'l Dog Rescue always welcomes volunteers and readily accepts donations in the form of mone, dog treats or dog food.


Answer by  MathWiz (1408)

They rescue small dogs and find foster homes or permanent homes for them. Some have attitude problems or health problems associated with old age. It's a good group if you prefer small dogs, and it's a no-kill rescue, which is always a good thing. Any help you can give them is surely appreciated.


Answer by  aofia (154)

Li'l Dog Rescue is a team of volunteers that save stray dogs. Call 1-800-Dog-Team if you would like to become a member of the dog team.

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