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Question by  emmasma (14)

What can you tell me about brunt hair follicles?

I have brunt hair follicles.


Answer by  ashleydoll (93)

They cannot be repaired. You have damaged your hair and it may fall out. A deep conditioner can help soften it while it grows out. Stop using heat products.


Answer by  Iamstrong (659)

Brunt hair follicles is trauma to the hair follicles caused by hair straighteners, tension to scalp. The hair sheds and breakage is excessive producing considerable hair loss or hair thinning.


Answer by  qbmdo (24)

Using a hair dryer at degrees higher than 120 degrees F will ultimately irreparably damage and burn hair follicles resulting in hair loss. Chemical hair striaghteners, tight hair extensions and even sunburn can cause permanent damage to hair follicles.

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