Question by  leclairm (20)

What can you do about constant ear popping?

My ears constantly are popping, for no explainable reason. What can I do, or is this a sign of something serious?


Answer by  Hewitt302 (1720)

It could be excess wax your ear is trying to clear out. Try some ear wax removal. If you live in a higher altitude, then consider moving to a lower altitude. You can also put cotton balls or ear plugs to temporarily stop the popping.


Answer by  docfrog (22)

There is nothing really too serious unless there is pain involved or there was a recent injury. See a doctor if it persist for too long or starts to hurt.


Answer by  idzuna16 (118)

You may just be adjusting to a new area if your recently moved to an area of different altitude. I would make a doctors appointment though to be safe.


Answer by  ClipperMD (33)

Hold your nose closed and close Your mouth, too. Then proceed to force air into your nose as if you were trying to force your fingers off it to manually pop your ears. This could be a sign of Eustachian tube dysfunction.


Answer by  georgesmith (138)

There is not much to be done about this condition. It is not harmful although it can be quite annoying. Sometimes through the stretching of the muscles in the jaw you can make it stop.

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