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Question by  nikole740 (83)

What can I do if the dentist pulled the wrong tooth?

My dentist pulled the wrong tooth.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Did he pull a healthy one? See if he will cover the cost of an implant to replace that tooth. If not get a lawyer.


Answer by  Shelina (66)

Often times, the tooth you believe is hurting is not the tooth that showed evidence of disease upon examination. You should discuss this with your dentist immediately.


Answer by  Kathyzig (50)

Hopefully this doesn't happen very often but if a dentist did make an error and pulled the wrong tooth, the first thing to do is inform him/her that a mistake was made. Also ask about the possibility of getting a bridge or implant to replace the missing tooth.


Answer by  moonzi (286)

Get legal advice. If you are employed, ask your employer if they offer an employee assistance program that could assists you with an affordable referral to attorneys.

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