Question by  TennisChamp (15)

What can I do about getting rid of snakes?

I have some snakes in my backyard sometimes. They don't come in the house, but I still want to get rid of them.


Answer by  AlanNadaskay (63)

Check around your house for places snakes would like to hide, if you have a lot of snakes that might mean you have a large vermin population so the snakes are doing you a favor. Depending on your location there might be an animal relocation service that you can use.


Answer by  Angelbaby79 (31)

Snakes like long grass so they can hide themselves for protection or for hunting so keep your lawn trimmed short. Fill in holes in foundation of buildings around your home as well as holes around pipes, snakes only need an inch to burrow in and nest.


Answer by  Lacey (111)

Call your local pest control. The pest control should take care of them. One thing you should never do is spray any pesticides. They're bad for the environment


Answer by  FishyFoo (135)

You need to get rid of any overgrowth you might have in your yard. Snakes enjoy hiding in the shrubs or tall grass. You also might want to see where they can go for warmth. Usually they will travel to warm spot to rest.

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