Question by  DoonaJo (23)

What can I do about coughing while running?

I always cough no matter the weather or my health.


Answer by  worker3742 (208)

The first thing you can do is to make sure all flem and other boogers is out of your system. Sometimes people will just cough when they run. Go to a doctor and make sure that you don't have anything wrong with you. If it's really affecting your running then consider not running period.


Answer by  worker857333 (96)

You may have asthma. Go to your doctor and have them test for asthma. An inhaler may solve your problems. Otherwise try running slower and take deeper breaths while running.


Answer by  totherescue (51)

Have you been checked for exercise induced asthma? Start at a slower pace and work your way up. Make sure that your pace is steady. When pushing too much, we tend to forget to breath as much and that could cause it to.


Answer by  worker1119 (78)

You can do some deep breaths before running. It could help you to maintain balance in your respiratory system and make it not to be disturbed while running.


Answer by  Lakshmi65 (715)

When you have the problem of coughing we can take the preventive measurer's to avoid the same with proper doctors advice. when running the breath will be more.


Answer by  Mallika (449)

The coughing is a worse disease. One gets totally tired after coughing for a while. Every parts of our body struggles for that. If you have got this disease you better consult a good doctor take medicines as prescribed. After getting relief from that you try to run.


Answer by  bingo (66)

stop running

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