Question by  Hatheeb (14)

What can I do about cloudy fish tank water?


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

When you have cloudy fish tank water, you need to change the water. Make sure your tank has a filter and you have some water snails to eat the bateria.


Answer by  clambait112 (25)

One thing you can try is getting your fish different food, fish food that doesn't produce clouds. also try using a filter


Answer by  Jr (17)

There are a few options available to you. One, you can buy a filter depending on how big the fish bowl is. You can also replace the water.


Answer by  praveen57 (20)

leave the tank cleaner fish inside or cut the radium balls & put it inside, it absorbs the moist and the water will be looks pure, bcoz i tried.


Answer by  musical2one (15)

To fix cloudy fish tank water, first, you need to figure out how much food you're feeding your fish. Fish should only be fed two flakes per fish.


Answer by  Anonymous

your fish are hungry give them more food also as a treat add dog food in it fish love that stuff and use windex its probably just dirty on the inside

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