Question by  suresh (21)

What can I do about caterpillars killing my pine trees?


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

The best thing you can do is try to catch one of the critters and put it in a sealed jar and take it to your local nurseryand show them what it is they should be able to idetify it and tell you what to do to stop them if not they should be able to refer you.


Answer by  BethCurry (15)

Caterpillars killing pine trees is a common problem in the Northern Ontario town that I reside in. I have seen many chemicals get sprayed yet those critters always come back. The most surefire way to stop caterpillars from killing your pine trees is to burn them down.


Answer by  TamanduaGirl (77)

You will need to spray the tree with something if you already have this problem but this will only work if they have not damaged the tree to badly yet. You can buy commercial bug killers to spray the tree with or buy neem mix it with a bit of soap and water and spray the tree with that.


Answer by  AnkurMohta (114)

Hand pick all egg masses off valuable plants, destroy them. Spray insecticide, BT to kill caterpillars. Apply BT to the leaves of host plants. It is effective on young caterpillars.

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