Question by  edwinathina (8)

What can I do about a cherry blossom tree fungus?


Answer by  jennsy (14)

In the fall, remove infected twigs, improve air circulation by pruning, and apply mulch in case there is infected plant matter on the ground. Spray only if necessary, and plant resistant cultivars appropriate for your area.


Answer by  broadwaybaby (48)

Remove all diseased leaves, blooms, fruit, twigs, and branches. Three or four fungicide treatments will be needed, beginning in early spring at bud break, and continuing throughout the spring at regular intervals. Saturate leaves and twigs. Consult your local garden center for an approved fungide.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

If this is fireblight, you need to prune the affected branches, but DO NOT burn, it can propagate a spread on the wind. However, you may need an arborist to diagnose- there are a number of causes. It may not be fungus, but pests, particularly carpenter ants. To treat your tree, you need to know the particular cause.


Answer by  srainne (2597)

If it is just the stem and branches, it could be Withes' Bloom fungus that is attacking your cherry blossom tree. Try pruning back the affected branches. Don't leave the branches on the ground, they have to be removed and burned as to not reinfect.


Answer by  DDDragicevic (10)

I have an old but still valuable technique, which my grandma first told me about: put old and used teabags around the stem.


Answer by  Kath (1537)

You should remove the infected twigs in the fall, and prune for air circulation. Apply a good mulch. Use a good fungicide, which will need to be applied three to four time in the early spring.


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

There are six types, black knot, silvery leaf, powdery mildew, cherry leaf spot, brown rot and bacterial canker. All, except silver leaf, should be helped by fungicide spray. For all, prune off infected parts and remove or burn them. This can usually be controlled by spraying and proper sanitation.


Answer by  hwht25 (441)

Get rid of the fungus. You have to make sure that is is completely off your tree. How do you do this? Well you can basically just spray raid all over it.


Answer by  eaglover (394)

The fungus will infest the tissue of the stem and the leaves. Control measures need to rid the plant of fungal spores. Prune 12 inches below the point of infestation.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Cut off all infected twigs and branches. Several treatments of fungicide applied at bud break time thru spring and before heavy fall rains are recommended. Treat all branches.


Answer by  georgekutty (173)

If we plant it propper place it will not catch fungus. We plant it in the shadow place and give what ever fertalize need for it. Cut it from were fungus catch it. From there take care of them. Give them medicins. Give water to it. Soon it will grow,and bloom it very beautifully.

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