Question by  L (134)

What can cause blood around the uterus during pregnancy?


Answer by  lola72 (68)

Blood around the uterus during pregnancy can be caused by a blood clot, placental tear from the uterian wall, a blood sac within the amniotic sac, and even the continued development and growth of the mucus plug can cause blood to pool in the uterus as the opening to the cervix is closed off.


Answer by  salsafoodie (3146)

This is caused by an abnormally high blood pressure which causes blood around the uterus. It is actually pretty common and may require medication as needed if necessary due to the time of pregnancy.


Answer by  KittyKat321 (6)

Bleeding that occurs during pregnancy maybe a medical emergency so seek assistance right away. Bleeding can occur due to rupture,tear or cut in the uterus or the surrounding area.


Answer by  washjaj (5)

Sometime when the egg attaches to the uterine wall a blood vessel is caught between the egg and the wall. Over time as the egg grows more and more pressure is applied to the vessel causing it to rupture. When the vessel ruptures it bleeds quite heavily,but will eventually stop and begin to heal.

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