Question by  worker74 (31)

What can be implemented into a 504 plan?


Answer by  Lakshmi65 (715)

Plan 504 helps in giving accommodation in class rooms because of his disabilities. They can give extra time for test, computer used and covers all physical impairments and illness. They can use different kinds on text book. Each school district will vary on these accommodations and comforts given to them.


Answer by  TexasEm (311)

A 504 plan can include any accommodations needed for a student with a disability to have 'level playing field' at school such as rest periods, shortened assignments, audio books, etc.


Answer by  Suggestion (335)

A 504 plan gives your child special accommodations in the classroom because of his disabilities. These accommodations help your child fully participate in school. They can include extended time on tests, computer aided instruction, highlighted textbooks, behavior intervention plans, taping lectures oral tests and individual contracts. Each school district will vary on these accommodations.


Answer by  Brandon55 (1719)

A 504 plan covers all physical impairments, illnesses or injuries, communicable diseases, chronic conditions like asthma, allergies, diabetes, and other learning problems. This covers everything from extra books, home instruction, keyboards, and even specially prepared lunches. Keep in mind that section 504 only applies to government funded facilities. Essentially anything needed to accomodate students with these problems.


Answer by  Bronagh (666)

A 504 disability accommodation could be phyiscal, like a raised platform; the use of a different textbook; a food modification; medical monitoring, etc. , according to the student's needs.

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