Question by  Thos (27)

What can a person eat if they have a wheat intolerance?


Answer by  mascota (639)

Most things except foods containing glutin such as bread, pasta, some biscuits etc. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, potatoes, meat, fish are all fine to eat.


Answer by  wjordan14 (26)

An actual wheat allergy can cause severe allergic reactions from the ingestion of wheat. Luckily, there are many foods that are safe to eat. For example, all fruits and vegetables are safe, and most meats are safe if not prepared with wheat products. Breads should be chosen carefully looking for ingredients like corn and rice.


Answer by  dcin (169)

In this day and age there are several wheat alternatives. Gluten free food and rice bread are available, even at traditional retail supermarkets.


Answer by  cafish (2035)

Beans, rice, and corn are some foods that you can eat. Potatoes, fruits, and legumes can be eaten. Meat can be eaten, but not processed meat. Rice noodles and rice pasta can be used on this diet. It is prudent to read all food labels.

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