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Question by  pfourd (17)

What are your favorite Futurama episodes?

I love that show.


Answer by  Kay67 (122)

My favorite is Luck of the Fryish when Fry realizes that even though he remembers sibling rivalry, his brother cared for him and missed him.


Answer by  MommyPW (164)

I like the one where they go to the bank and realize that the money he had in the past has earned TONS of interest!


Answer by  daveandrews (383)

The first one when fry goes in to the future because it sets up the whole series. The first made for tv movie was great as well, i think it was called "benders bug score". the other memorable one i can remember is the one where bender becomes a cook, or anything with hypnotoad.


Answer by  Kassandra (203)

While I adore every single episode, I do have a couple of personal favorites. "I, Roommate" explores Fry and Bender becoming house buddies and features some hysterical visual gags. "Amazon Women in the Mood" has enough naughty humor to keep me giggling like a teenager throughout the entire episode.


Answer by  riceisnice (6)

The older episodes are the best. My all-time favorite episodes have to be the Poppler episode where they eat those alien babies, and the episode where Fry drinks the emperor and he is still alive. What a great show!

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