Question by  Mary90 (78)

What are wolf worms?

Are the dangerous to people, or just animals?


Answer by  Elysha45 (77)

Wolf worms are parasites that are dangerous to cats and other animals, like rabbits. They are not dangerous to humans but if turned into botflies they can be dangerous. There are such botflies that live on humans but they mostly populate in Central America and Mexico. Botflies don't feed on their victims but they do cut their air supply.


Answer by  dmstgirl (19)

they are dangerous to all animals from farm animals and pets to wild animals. A wolf worm or screw worm is easy to see on your animal, as they are about half the width of a dime with a brown spot at its end and they make a breathing hole.


Answer by  Anonymous

Wolf worms CAN transfer to humans. Over 60% of Montana wolves have wolf worms. They excrete thousands of eggs/larvae in feces, which live 20 years & in water supply. Humans breathe them, drink public water supply, the worms invade human liver, heart, lungs, brain. Can be fatal! ask vet!


Answer by  chimbee1 (199)

Wolf Woorms are parasites that affect only animals. They are more commonly found in farm animals like cattle but have been known to also infect domestic animals and pets. If you suspect your pet has wolf worms it is important to make sure that they are seen by a vet.


Answer by  whitney1998lee (5)

yes they are affective on people and animals so they can transfer from one species to another


Answer by  shandilyan (180)

Wolf worms are parasites that can infect animals ranging from farm animals to animals in the wild. They are light tan,with a brown spot on the end size.

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