Question by  jana17 (34)

What are typical questions on driver's permit tests?

I take my test in 3 weeks.


Answer by  Hoardy (454)

There are a lot of questions regarding what traffic signs mean, how much space should there be between your vehicle and other objects. There are also questions about which way you should turn your tires when parked downhill/uphill. Don't forget about the blood alcohol levels and right of ways!


Answer by  amber87 (56)

They usually ask questions straight from the driver's manual. You may see questions like: How far should your tire be parked from a curb? Another one they always put is this one: If you must pull over in an emergency what should you do? The test is pretty simple. Just study your manual.


Answer by  tor (66)

Will you be issued a ticket when you are driving too slowly? What is the maximum speed limit for passenger cars on a school zone street? Are there penalties for littering? When a school bus stops to unload children and you are travelling on the same direction, should you stop or go ahead and stop?


Answer by  lillybby (359)

mostly will be about things you see most on the road, like what do the signs mean and who has the right a way.

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