Question by  Sammalamadingdong (15)

What are the white bugs I'm finding in some of my old books?

They are very, very small. I saw them moving and realized they are bugs.


Answer by  Ndlightningbug (132)

The smalle white bugs you are finding in your books is likely the paper louse, which isn't a louse at all, but rather a psocoptera, a soft-bodied, wingless insect. It feeds on microscopic molds and other organic matter found in books.


Answer by  Janer (205)

These would be a form of lice. They are usually known as book lice or book mites. They are very tiny and harmless, other than they may eat the book. These cause no harm to people, so do not worry if one gets on you. They are cute little buggers.


Answer by  afamb (557)

They are probably book mites. Book mites are small white to tan bugs that like to nest in papers including books and housing wall paper. They actually eat the pages of the book and the adhesives used in wall paper. Book mites like more humid environments so make sure your books have never gotten wet and are kept somewhere dry.


Answer by  vijidr (21)

They are called "Book lice". They feed on fungi and moulds which are grown in the moist places if it is in books.


Answer by  bl834 (1317)

Probably book lice, which are not true lice but psocids. They actually feed on the mold that frequently grows on book paste.


Answer by  hyperkid (470)

It is possible that you have baby bedbugs. because bedbugs are so flat and small that could be it. plus bed bugs turn brown/red when they get blood.

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