Question by  Bart41 (178)

What are the symptoms of gonorrhea?


Answer by  Mech79 (185)

Men and women have very different symptoms when they have gonorrhea. Women typically have mild if any symptoms as gonorrhea affects the cervix. Men will have more severe symptoms including puss like discharge, burning with urination and bleeding with urination. Either way if you suspect you may have a sexually transmitted disease it is important to see immediate treatment.


Answer by  sususu (866)

Some men experience no symptoms, but others experience pain while urinating, discharge from the penis, or swollen testicles. Women may also experience no symptoms, but those who do may experience pain while urinating, abnormal vaginal discharge or bleeding, or genital pain.


Answer by  sanityrose (2664)

The symptoms of gonorrhea are different in men and women. Though they often go unnoticed, symptoms for woman include a white discharge, burning, and itching in the vaginal region. For men symptoms include a pus like discharge, irritation, swelling, and redness with burning on the penis head. More serious symptoms for both include bloody discharges and pain.


Answer by  Jolie (1227)

A main symptom is foul smelling discharge that is usually green or brown. Also you may have genitals that itch or are sore. Also when you urinate it may burn due to the infection.


Answer by  JSmith0330 (616)

Symptoms are diffrent in men and women, women symptoms, burning, vaginal discharge, vaginal irritation. Man symptoms yellow pus discharge stinging while urinating ,blood in urin. see doctor to be safe.


Answer by  mannersandsuch (1796)

Blood, discharge, and pain while urinating can all be signs of gonorrhea. If you suspect you have gonorrhea or if you know that you might have been exposed to it you should make sure that you and any recent partners immediately see a doctor before continuing to have further sexual contact. It is important to get prompt treatment.


Answer by  Mel89 (239)

Symptoms of gonorrhea are often found to be burning while peeing, a green/yellow color discharge. In women, they may experience increased vaginal discharge.

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