Question by  Rkrites (10)

What are the similarities and differences in the philosophical developments in Africa, the Americas, and Asia?


Answer by  busyfingers (239)

Rkrites - that is a very VAST question. Try reading some books on this subject. There are several available. the time and money spend in these books are worth it if you're looking for serious answers.


Answer by  mb (5482)

Africa was isolated from the great trade routes by the Sahara desert so the philosophical systems of Christianity and Buddhism couldn't spread effectively. Islam took hold but mostly as a conversion by sword route of spread.


Answer by  benji (165)

You'll find that philosophical development in Africa is not very clear because of the numerous conflicts and changes that keep happening. It's more heterogenous. The same is true to some extent in Asia. America has more defined philosophies - but not necessarily better ones!


Answer by  cmc94 (302)

Asia and Africa seem to have more emphasis on groups and rights. This is due to the many conflicts and cultural diversity that is there. In America the stress is more on the individual's survival - a reflection of the immense freedom in America.

Reply by wonderman (201):
You'll notice that in Asia and Africa there is a lot of importance to families and geographic groups - villages, towns etc. This is not so in America and is a reflection of what cmc94 has written above.  add a comment

Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Asia and Africa developed more intensely tribal versus individualistic cultures. The Americas had a wide range of belief systems, but most tribes share the duality view of the universe in alternating shifts with a joint - opposites in harmony together. This is in contrast to the strict division of good and evil, harram and kosher, of European thought.

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