Question by  shawmino (13)

What are the rules regarding home health aides administering medications?

My grandfather is getting ready to secure the services of a home health aid.


Answer by  eyesfan (111)

Laws are different in each state regarding Nurses or medical assistants or home care providers as to what if any medications can be administered.


Answer by  stiners (221)

A home health aide cannot administer medications. They can, however, assist clients. If your grandfather has his meds set up either by a family member or a home health nurse, the aide could assist by reminding him to take them or bringing him the mediset and a glass of water.


Answer by  CherieMassoud (48)

These activities are governed by state law. In general, home health aides may only remind the patient to take medication if allowed by state law and cannot administer it.


Answer by  Jakey98 (222)

This depends very much on what state you are in and what agency the home health aide works for. Only qualified individuals are allowed to administer medications, and all states require certification to do so.


Answer by  fishlover49 (643)

Check with your local state health department. Every state has different laws concerning administration of medication by one party to another. Your home aide will most likely have to have passed a test.


Answer by  Anonymous

home health connections in columbus oh allowed an aide to over does me with my meds to get more state funding mrdd is also responsible for this abuse will some please help change the way the developely disable are treated dont we have rights as human beings fraud acuring


Answer by  Anonymous

Some CNA students in AZ are under the assumption they will administer medications once they are certified and become employed. The students challenge me when I inform them medication administration is outside their scope of practice in AZ. Therefore, even allowing CNA's to "assist" with medications has a risk factor.

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