Question by  DrShamik (17)

What are the pros and cons of mousse vs gel?

I never know which one to use.


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

Mousse is usually better for softer style and giving volume to your hair while gel is used for a more firm or hard look and usually prevents frizz better than mousse.


Answer by  lgk (2426)

This depends on the style you want. For curling, a non-alcohol based mousse is better. It allows you to get your style with out risk of injury. If you prefer a teased style, hair spray holds better and longer. For most other styles its a matter of taste. If you prefer a more touchable feeling, mousse.


Answer by  hmmm (290)

I think mousse is better. Gel holds better and more stiff but it also gets hard. Mousse doesnt make you hair as stiff.


Answer by  medhits (160)

Mousse, and gel come in so many type of holds these days, either one could do what you need. Mousse generally is a more flexible hold for your hair, but can wear off quickly. Gel provides a stronger hold, but is sticky, and looks glue-like.

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