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Question by  worker261297 (50)

What are the pros and cons of bleaching facial hair?

It is more affordable than laser hair removal.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

Bleaching facial hair can be very harsh to your skin. You have to be very careful to avoid burns and skin irritations. You will need to follow the directions to the letter.


Answer by  bean11 (2803)

Using bleach on facial hair can cause allergic reactions or irritations that end up being much more unsightly than the facial hair. If you have no reaction, though, it's nice!


Answer by  sharon4595 (650)

Bleaching facial hair is a good option to control facial hair. You dont have to worry about having to use a hair remover or deal with any hair regrowth. bleaching is good for facial hair.


Answer by  Kelly88 (434)

It's not really more affordable in the long run. You're going to have to keep bleaching and while it's a quick, virtually painless process, some people have been burnt by at-home bleach kits. Plus if you have a lot of hair it will still be visible, just lighter.


Answer by  blrVoice (1054)

The pros are it is quite easy to do and inexpensive. The con is that you might have a bad reaction, as it contains some strong chemicals.


Answer by  CCAnswers (84)

Bleaching Facial Hair is inexpensive, and diminishes the appearance of dark facial hair by lightening it. One con is that some people can have an allergic reaction to the ingredients.


Answer by  flowerpwr (72)

Bleaching facial hair is more affordable than laser hair removal, but it also does not remove hair. Bleaching can only make hair less noticeable by lightening the colour, whereas laser hair removal deadens the hair follicles over a series of treatments, resulting in significantly less regrowth.


Answer by  momof1and2 (32)

Bleaching facial hair is very affordable but not really a valid option for everyone. Darker skinned people will not be able to hide the appearance of facial hair with bleach.


Answer by  S93 (524)

Bleaching facial hair can lead to skin irritation, which will bring attention to the unwanted hair. But, it is less painful than waxing.

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