Question by  loveradi (13)

What are the postal rates in the U.S?


Answer by  SomethingElse (68)

Depending on what you want to send, postal rates can very. Forever Stamps, the most common form of postage for letters, can be purchased in rolls of 20 for $8.80.


Answer by  Laura89 (157)

I believe the current postal rate is $.44 to mail a letter. For packages it all depends on what you're shipping and where to. It must be weighed.


Answer by  k99 (489)

The current postal rates are $.44 for a letter amd $.28 for a postcard. The rates are due to go up $.02 in January 2011.


Answer by  Susan (179)

If you are purchasing a stamp for a letter the cost is $.44. Packages will go by weight unless you purchase a flat rate box. Priority starts at $4.90, express starts at $13.65. Parcel Post also starts at $4.90. Media mail starts at $2.38.

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