Question by  teter (4)

What are the postal codes for Russia, Yaroslavl?

I am looking for a site might list it.


Answer by  malone (4817)

Go to: www. embassyworld. com/Zip_Codes World postal codes are listed.


Answer by  chlentz (98)

The postal codes for Russia, Yaroslavl are 150 and 152. Yaroslavl is located in the Moscow region of North, North West, Russia. There are six postal code zones in Russia and Yaroslavl is in zone one.


Answer by  Preethi (10)

The post codes used in Russia are 6 digits long.The postal code for Yaroslavl is 150000-150066.This is the postal code sorted out by federal subject


Answer by  teter (4)

I need a zip code for Yaroslavl, Russia for the softonic gadget compact 1.0 (weather online). postal code, used inside the country (150,000) not suitable. gadget requires a five-digit.

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