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Question by  Susan86 (10)

What are the neurological complications that can come from Lyme disease?


Answer by  MattK (1713)

The neurological complications of Lyme disease can include sever fatigue, itchiness of the joints and severe, debilitating arthritis. Dizziness and gait issues are also seen later in the course. The symptoms of Lyme disease, as well as MRI findings can also be mistaken for Multiple Sclerosis by the untrained radiologist.


Answer by  rosieposey78 (1304)

In the second stage of untreated Lyme's disease, some complications that can occur are: Bell's palsy or facial paralysis can occur, meningitis, shooting pains that interfere with sleep, and mild encephalitis. In the third stage, shooting pains may also start to include numbness or tingling, difficulty with short term memory or concentration, and even psychosis can occur.


Answer by  mahavin (589)

Lyme disease is mainly caused by a bacterial organism transmitted through human caused by the bite of an infected tick. The prime target of the causative organism is the nervous system. It would create a lot of neuro disorders. At certain stage it would be a stroke which would paralyze the organs.


Answer by  JSmith0330 (616)

Lyme disease is caused bacterial organism when bitten by an infected tick. Complications usually start in the second stage such as numbness ,pain, weakness , paralysis of the facial muscles, fever, stiff neck. If you think you been bitten by a tick or having these symptoms call your doctor.

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