Question by  travelguruette (23)

What are the most common or typical souvenirs from Spain?

I want to bring back something more unusual.


Answer by  AllanR (43)

Some of the most common are anything related to bullfighting (e.g. posters advertising bullfights or portraying individual bullfighters), things related to flamenco dancing (e.g. dolls in flamenco dresses; pictures or figurines of couples flamenco dancing), acoustic Spanish guitars, strings or woven braids of garlic, and Spanish fans with painted scenes or lace ornamentation.


Answer by  June77 (292)

People tend to bring back crystal and glass objects, jewelry, and clothing that is hand-sewn. Food items are also popular, including expensive liquors.


Answer by  AssethEvanie (37)

We can bring home a lot of souvenirs and gifts from Spain. There are posters, Spanish fan, brandy, Jamon, leather wine bottled, shirt, sword, and name it. But if you love cooking, you can bring home saffron or olive oil. It's not that expensive. Your family and friends would love it.


Answer by  boopfto (48)

When I traveled to Spain, I brought back bricks of coffee and packages of olives, plus one bottle of pure extra virgin olive oil. Of course, being a photographer, I also brought back about 1000 images. Typical souvenirs would be knives from Toledo, Bottles of wine, bull fighting souvenirs, Corinthian Leather.


Answer by  dlraska (460)

Posters, Spanish fan, brandy, Jamon, leather wine bottled, shirt, sword, cooking instruments, cooking eatery, olive oil,spices,you can get stuff at art galleries and tourist shops that sell wonderful things that can be brought home.


Answer by  rodlp (27)

A Bota (a leather wine bottle), a spanish fan, a castaƱuela (an instrument used when dancing flamenco), olive oil, saffron, a cured-ham or a bullfighting poster.


Answer by  Brookelynk (55)

Anything dealing with the running of the bulls, replications of any history landmark or person, possibly some great olive oil, food, or wine.

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