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Question by  NikkiG (20)

What are the ideal body proportions for women?

I am going to strive for those ideals.


Answer by  beautyofarose (76)

The old ideal body proportions for women were Breast 36, waist 24, and hips 36. These days these meausrements are not realistic body measurements for women. The waist size in women should be a minimum of 35" or less. If your waist is more than 35" then there is great concern for your heart health.

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Not true. This has to do with your Race, Height and build. Im 5ft 2in, german/irish with a medium build. This means i fit any were from 28 to 33 for a healthy waist if its more then 35 im obese. So keep this in mind.  add a comment

Answer by  Kryslyn (40)

There are no standardized proportions. What is considered beautiful in mainstream society may not be healthy. Body proportions vary by height, weight, and bone structure. The answer is as individual as you and can be answered by how you feel looking in the mirror and consulting with your doctor.


Answer by  jessicaknudtson (58)

That can depend on the height and bone structure of each individual. Most importantly the ideal weight and structure is how it makes the individual feel. You can find the exact messurments by tape messurements.


Answer by  Scook9989 (43)

The ideal proportions for women are healthy ones. All different men in all different places have different ideal looks, be comfortable, you're looking at your body every day.


Answer by  Anonymous

Research has suggested that women are most attractive to men with a BMI of 20 and with a waist to hip ratio of 0. 7. Hips equal to breasts (at least in the west).

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for a woman 5'2 this tranlates to a weight of 7 stone 11 and measurements of 34, 24, 34. A taller woman would perhaps be the classic film star proprtions of 36,25,36  add a comment

Answer by  bloodyfreak (172)

There are no ideal body proportions for people. Everyone is all different and has different body types. As long as you eat healthy, include some exercise in your week, and aren't at risk for high blood pressure and diabities then you are at the ideal body proportions for your body. Learn to love the skin you're in.


Answer by  Kris22 (90)

A healthy ideal body for a woman would be a twenty-eight inch waist and a thirty-eight inch waist. This is based on a woman of five foot five inches tall.

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